U VISA - Victim of Crime Visa

How to get the U VISA?

U VISA - Victim of Crime Visa | Immigration attorney in Los Angeles

U Visa is a special immigration benefits to victims of violent crime if the crime occurred in the US

Whit U VISA approved, the applicant can receive work authorization "work permit" In addition, approval of the U visa leading to permanent residency in three years.

The way to qualify for the U visa is necessary to obtain special certification of the police officers investigating the crime. This certification confirms the status of the victim of the crime. Police officers are normally very busy and many of them do not cooperate so it is not easy to obtain certification of the U visa without an attorney who can send formal requests to the police to obtain a visa certification U - this form U visa applicant will be taken more seriously by government officials. Another problem encountered in obtaining the certification of the U visa is if you are applying for a long time after the incident occurred.

The sooner you apply for a U visa after being the victim of a crime - the easier it is to get certified. Also if you obtained this certification did not wait long to hire an attorney to file the U visa - certification that will expire after one year!

U Visa is a very good way to immigration benefit for those who have entered illegally and / or have been deported rather across the border or immigration judge: even if you have a deportation order, you still qualify for a U visa that will protect from deportation!

If you or someone you know who is in this country illegally and recently became a victim of a violent crime, call our office (213) 534-6622 to make an appointment and discuss eligibility for U visa our immigration lawyers!


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