Immigration Appeals

What kind of appeals does your firm specialize in?

We prepare appeals to the Board of Immigration Appeals from the final decision of the Immigration Judge in your case, appeals from the administrative decisions of the homeland security department officials such as denial of the adjustment of status application and we also have attorneys available to prepare appeals to the 9th circuit Federal Court of Appeals of the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) orders in your case. We do not prepare any appeals in civil or criminal cases.

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What are the most common appeals done in immigration cases?

Deportation orders based upon denials by immigration judges of asylum, cancellation of removal or adjustment of status cases are one of the most common immigration judge orders to be appealed by the Respondent (immigrant)

What do I need to do if I got a deportation order because immigration judge denied my asylum cancellation of removal or adjustment of status application?

If you decided to appeal this decision, you need to appeal to the Board of Immigration Appeals in Falls Church, Virginia it within 30 days after the deportation order was issued. If you delay your appeal will be dismissed by the Board of Immigration Appeals.

What about 9th circuit Federal Court of Appeals petitions for review?

Such Petitions must be filed with the 9th Circuit within 30 days after BIA rendered decision in your case.

What are the grounds for appeal?

If you feel that there is new crucial evidence in your case that was previously unavailable even if you diligently searched for it or if you feel that your immigration judge or your lawyer made serious mistakes in your case that caused you to lose your case, you may have reasons to appeal the judge’s decision. Before you decide to appeal, however, it is important to consult with an immigration lawyer to get more information about the appeal process and whether you really have good reasons to appeal.

If my case was closed, what can I do to get another chance to file my case?

If the deportation order or other type of denial of your case happened less than 90 days ago, your lawyer can file a MOTION TO REOPEN your case, in some instances you are required to file a motion to reopen within 30 days after your case was denied. If Motion to reopen is granted, you and your lawyer can go back to court to present your case to the judge again – you get a second chance to argue that your case should be granted

If I received deportation order years ago and my case has been closed a long time ago, can anything be done to reopen my case?
If there is a new crucial evidence in the case, you can still attempt to file a motion to reopen, but you need to consult with a qualified lawyer about doing this to see how you can overcome the time limitations to file motion to reopen

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