Naturalization Citizenship and Appeals

How to Apply for U.S. Citizenship?

Naturalization Citizenship and Appeals - Immigration Lawyer - Los Angeles

Citizenship immigration lawyer Dmitry Paniotto will help you to prepares applications for citizenship. Also will representing you at the hearing before the citizenship official if you are disabled, we will file a special form with the immigration service that will allow you to take the citizenship test in your native language. Feel free to contact this office at (213) 534-6622 to schedule an appointment to discuss your eligibility for the U.S. citizenship.

How to Appeal a Denied citizenship Application?

This office prepares applications for citizenship and represents citizenship applicants throughout the appeal process. If your citizenship application was denied because of bad immigration or criminal record, do not hesitate to contact this office for the first free consultation about your citizenship case.

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We are specializing in both major fields of immigration practice: representation in immigration courts and application for visas and permanent residency in the US. based on political asylum, employment and family.

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